It all started with a seemingly simple idea: Our founder, Sarah Turner, was looking for a way to get kids more interested in eating a healthier, more nutritious whole food diet. The only problem was, she couldn't figure a way to get them on board. So Sarah started making popsicles using fresh fruits and other delicious ingredients and sneaking in some healthy veggies. Surprisingly, they were a big hit! The kids didn't even notice the veggies!

After using traditional popsicles molds, she found that they just took up too much space in her freezer and always made a mess. She remembered those delicious push pops she used to eat as a child and had a lightbulb moment. She went to her sketchpad and came up with a modern day take on that design.

However, there were definitely a few things she would not compromise on: They had to be fun to use and colorful. They had to be made of high quality, food-safe, BPA free silicone. Able to be placed anywhere you have room in the freezer. They also needed to be easily cleaned and dishwasher safe. She finally figured out all the pieces and the result was our first product, FoodWorks Silicone Popsicle Molds!

Our goal is to follow the same path for every product we release. We are highly dedicated to providing products of uncompromising quality that help you live a healthier lifestyle. We don't just want to tell our customers we care, we want it to show in everything we do!